What!? New Series!!?!?!!?

2013-12-20 20:10:31 by CartoonCoffee

The past few months I've been planning to create a new series, something that reaches a place that would be difficult for College Off The Record to reach. I hope anyone who enjoyed COTR will enjoy this too. The new series is called Eden and can be viewed on my Youtube now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIydlFjKM3E

1348086_138758757952_Edenscreenshot8.png Click the image above to watch!

Some of you may be wondering the status on College Off The Record series. I have planned a season / semester finale. And will be releasing it some point in the future. Check out the Eden Prologue, and let me know what series you rather see more of. If it's Eden then leave a like on the youtube page, if it's COTR then leave a comment or send me a PM.

Eden will be coming to Newgrounds in about a week, I feel I should wait until Christmas passes. Until then it will be on youtube.  Thanks for reading this post, and I'll see you guys in about a week!


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2013-12-21 08:20:02

Ohhh nice, can't wait.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Be sure to check out the Prologue on my youtube, I'll be moving it over to Newgrounds soon.


2013-12-21 13:22:43

I guess you could say he was really EDEN that apple

CartoonCoffee responds:

Hahahaha that's definitely a new one for me. I should have you do my writing.


2014-02-11 16:37:43

Before getting started on watching #2, I already know I'm not gonna like Calvin. His answer to the baby question pretty much sums up my low opinion of him and what I think he's initially going to be like as a character.