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Eden Blue Update (Indie Game)

Posted by CartoonCoffee - May 10th, 2016



So let's talk about Eden Blue. Eden was an animated series I was making back in 2013, adapting the series into a video game has been my main focus since mid 2014. I've never been part of a game development team before, and I've got to say I learned a lot! All I really knew at the time was 2d character animation, and a game needs MUCH more than that to become a fully fleshed out experience. There have been a lot of stumbling blocks along the way, mostly due to my own inexperience. From figuring out how to optimize sprite sheets, to changing game engines, to learning new software, to learning painting techniques, and so on, it has been quite a wild ride! But adapting the series into a game has been by far the most interesting and challenging part of this for me. With animation, telling a story through dialogue and character actions while having control of the pacing of it all was something I was still learning, but was far more comfortable with. Now that player control is a factor, getting the "audience" or player to feel and react to certain moments as I would like requires a lot more thought, at least a way of thinking I was not familiar with before. The player now becomes the character, being put in their shoes now means I have to generate sincere emotion in the player, whether that's excitement, happiness, fear, or whatever, it has to come from the player themselves. Relying on my old tricks of trying to pull out empathy from the audience has been mostly removed from my toolkit, which has been a fun an interesting challenge. It really forced me to dig deep and think about what I want the player to feel, and what makes this world I'm creating so unique at pulling that feeling out. Seeing my friends play the game and getting feedback from some great people like @Gianni and @Paxilon, I think I'm now closer than ever to getting that juice that I've been looking for. I really couldn't of made it this far without their support. Also thank you to everyone who donated to the game's development so far! Every bit of it helped get the game to where it is now.




So far the development team behind Eden Blue has been just two people, @glitchs2d doing all the code, and myself handling all the art and animation. It's worked out well so far, but with more experience and a clear vision, we are looking to expand the team one more member. We are looking for another skilled programmer to help speed up development. I'm hoping to make a more formal post about that soon, this was more of an update post. Thanks for reading, here's some more gifs!





Comments (6)

Wonder if I should go back to the grind with composing stuff for this. I must say, it's rather lovely, the progress from the early shots until now. And these gifs are really nice on my eyes. <3

Thanks! I really want to wait until we crank the development of this game into high gear, then we start getting music composed for it. I think it would be beneficial for everyone involved if they could actually experience the scenes first hand instead of working from my super rough concept art haha. Hopefully we can start composing again sooner rather than later.

I await that with bated breath. <3

I can't wait to hear the plot for this.

I can't wait to share the plot. There are a couple of episodes on my newgrounds and youtube account, although I am reworking the story a bit for the game, you might be able to get the jist of it.

I can see why Gianni is so proud of this, it looks very impressive so far! Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks! I hope to share more soon :)


This thing's gonna rock, the world ain't even ready.

We've only just begone to fight! The world better prepare itself, Eden Blue is coming in Red Hot.

Oh cool. Can't wait.